This web is for those who seek Higher Life, beyond the bounds of the worldly mind. All its messages are pointing out to Pure Consciousness, from which the Higher Life arises. Mr. A.S.Balasooriya is a well-known spiritual teacher, philosopher, poet and writer in Sri Lanka...


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Dialogues With A. S. Balasooriya (Part 1)

Questioner: Sometimes I wonder who I am. I try to find out the true person within. The superficial ‘me’ is not real.

Balasooriya: Seeking for the true person within one, is in vain, because there is no such entity.

Q: No. There must be a true person within me?

B: It is mere imagination. 

Q: Then who am I?

B: You are not a person. You are a pure consciousness. Realize it.

Is Life Meaningless?


Questioner: At times I feel life is meaningless.

Balasooriya: May be what you know as life may not be life.

Q: Which means what?

B: Most of  us take this egoistic life to be the life. Ego itself is false. The life emerging out of it is also false.

Q: How to find the true life?

B: Awake from the slumber of ego.


Difference between Man and Animal.


Questioner: What is the most significant difference between man and animal?

Balasooriya: Living is no problem to animal whereas it is a problem to man.


Inner Spirit


Q: What is spiritual development?

B: It is a misleading word because the Spirit does not grow.

Q: What is the Spirit?

B: The inner essence in you.

Q: How to discover it?

B: Delve deep in awareness. The door will open


What brings change?


Q: How can I change myself?

B: By thinking over and planning you cannot really change yourself.  It will be a modification only. The change brought by mind, is superficial and temporal because mind cannot be changed by mind itself.

Q: Then what brings change?

B: Self-understanding.


Seed of insanity


B: There is a seed of insanity  in every person.

Q: What is that seed?

B: ‘I’

Q: (Silent)

B: See how you are obsessed. ‘I’ is made of  a sense of confusion, uncertainty, fear and discontent.


In Touch with Life


B: When one is out of with touch with Life one is lost.

Q: But people do not realize it. What kind of feeling is it?

B: Feeling of nowhere to stand on. Feeling that the whole life is falling apart, utter hopelessness and the anxiety born out of it.

Q: What do mean by ‘in touch with Life’.

B: Inner harmony with the Source of Life.


We are too intellectual!


B: We are too intellectual. It had led to an unbalanced personality.

Q: What do you suggest?

B: Be intellectual and logical   on one side and be poetical on the other side. We lack poetry so much! Don’t we? Being intellectual arises from logical thinking and being poetical arises from Love and Beauty.


Drop the false self.


Q: Who am I?

B: Drop the false self and know who you are.

Q: Elaborate it please.

B: You are like a mansion full of furniture. Your consciousness is a ware house of all the memories, thoughts, feelings you have collected in the past. You are buddle of identities, ideas, attitudes, judgments, beliefs, knowledge and so on. You are full to the brim. Your present self has arisen from these gatherings.  I am this,  I am  that etc.

Q: Yes I see.

B: Now vacate all the gatherings and you will discover your true nature, who you are really.


Inner Light


B: Live by the inner light .It is the only guidance.

Q: But I don’t know such a light existing in me.

B: It is there like a bright lamp, maybe its radiance is covered by the dust of your ego, the thoughts.