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This Passion Of Life

In that evening I was walking along a path among hills. The setting sun was glowing with red. Never had I seen an evening so enchantingly red.

Suddenly that sense of mystic sacredness touched the whole being. Overwhelmed by it, I marvelled at the intensity of the joy of living. That joy knows no bound. The ecstatic joy is unbearably intensive. With it arises a new energy like a fire and soon whole body is aflame. Every drop of blood is burning by it. Intoxicated with that heightened passion of life I remained motionless and absorbed.

Unable to contain myself I look for another human being with whom I could share this passion, this joy, and this bliss. But to my dismay I find people are least interested in this. They are interested only in the pursuit of pleasure. Beyond it they are blind to life. Caught in a monotonous life they slowly deteriorate into death. People live their whole life in a dark cave of ignorance.

When the brain is fully awake.

When the brain is fully awake there is no room left for delusion wherein desire, fear, hatred and sorrow can come into play. The brain once awakened, realizes its own capacity to awake. With that discovery brain starts a process of awakening on its own. The self has nothing to do with it.

Our brain has been evolved through conflicts, disorder and problems and therefore it is incapable of remaining completely silent and settled for long. It slips back to the world of thoughts. But ,what is meaningful is living fully awake. Once fully awakened the brain undergoes a mutation in its very core. The clarity thus discovered keeps on coming back on its own accord.

The Source of Pure Joy.

The world does not know the source of Pure Joy. Very few people have discovered it for themselves. They have accepted their present state of life as it is with its passing pleasures and pains. Religions are supposed to help people to find out this Source of Joy. But they seem to be more interested in dissemination of their dogma and myths. Cheap pacifications of the mind through prayer, singing, puja, rituals and enchantments have gained more importance over the discovery of Truth. These religious entertainments make minds dull and superficial. Beliefs and dogma blocks the enquiry of Truth. Every belief puts the inquiring spirit into sleep.

The discovery of the Source –the Truth- will clean the consciousness from all its defilement. With it, the mind regains its original purity. Earlier the mind clung on to thoughts taking them to be the true and real. Thoughts were ever active seeking, aspiring, wanting, complaining and so on. Now you realize that thoughts have nothing to offer new in life because they are merely ruminations of the past. When the mind is awake with attention and intelligence it can stay, with the reality-what is- without asking for more.

The mind which wandered restlessly hither and thither, is now in repose. Out of it Peace arises as from a mountain spring. Now the mind is the most pleasant thing in the world. You can stay completely absorbed into its peace as long as you wish. These are the sweetest moments in the day.

Where Moonlight can flow in freely!

It was a serene night with that peculiar soft moonlight. The air had a perfume of jasmine coming from the garden. The mind was hushed by the night’s silence with its soothing effect of peace. The stars were shining brilliantly in spite of the half moon. A few clouds were floating softly over the golden stars and the moon in the sky polishing up them.

The mind having dropped all its petty limitations is now open to the vastness of the universe. The sense of freedom knows no bounds. Even the body feels the ecstasy of the freedom. The body is free from its boisterous owner. The owner was none other than the ever active, ever longing, ‘I’- the self. True freedom is when the self is not. The owner was dominating this house keeping its doors and windows shut from the whole beauty of the surrounding.

When ‘I’ was dominating here, there was no peace within. Then every moment was uneasy and stressful. Every moment was a crisis. With the disappearance of ‘I’, now there is a strange sense of relief and delight. The house is full open, so that the moonlight can come in freely. It is enchantingly pleasant. Now it is the abode of peace and beauty beyond the world.

This spring of nectar.

Beyond all these there is a spring of nectar which is beginless and therefore endless. As a butterfly lives by the sweet honey in flowers, man must live by this nectar of eternity .One has to delve deep to discover this inner spring. The tragedy of man is his ignorance of the Source of Joy, the spring of pure Life. As a result he is living under the shadow of suffering. There is no substance in the present way of living. Dive deep within and discover the sweet spring of Life and drink

The energy that springs up through this opening into eternity heals the hurts of the past. It is the elixir; that cures the ill of death. It cleans all the layers of dust collected upon the mind. It refreshes our eyes to see the reality. The root of all problems being seen through vanishes without a trace of residue.