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The Secret Of Luck

How lucky are you?

How to live a lucky life? 

Before coming to these questions, first of all we have understand what life is. Life is a gift , an invaluable gift, we have received from nature. In its pure quality life is formless which means it has no shape or colour. It is like a lump of clay, which we can mould into whatever image we want. You are different from me because of the shape you have given to your life. Life is like water.

Looking around the people, we see different shapes of life they have given to themselves, some pleasant, some unpleasant. Some are beautiful and some are ugly. Unfortunately many people even don’t know this basic fact. They have allowed the circumstances to shape their lives. Accordingly an individual is the result of what have happened to him. Say I happened to go to a bad school. Therefore throughout life I remain as a failure in education. I happened to live in a distant village. Therefore I live a backward life. This means to live as a victim of circumstances.

I have heard someone saying: Life is a lemon. Make a sweet lemonade out of it. It is up to me to shape my life as I want, rather allowing the circumstances to shape me. I have to take the reign of life into my hand. I am the master of my life. 

Luck or fortune is defined as chance looked upon as a power that decides or influences one’s success. However fortune differs according to individual aspirations. Personally to me fortune means occurrence of incidents that bring me happiness, joy, success, wellbeing and resources. If good things keep on happening I call it fortune or luck. Now we can come to the question: How to be fortunate in life? For this I suggest four steps: 

Expect good things happen to you. Visualize things you wish to happen.

Deliberately make a good thing happen to you however small it is. This action sets your fortune in motion. 

Once a good thing happens enjoy it with your whole heart. Appreciate. Be grateful to life. This joy creates a positive life energy field within and around you which tends to repeat itself. Thus you set the wheel of fortune in motion. Feel its power and keep its spirit burning like a flame of a lamp. 

Look for good things to happen daily. Recognize them and appreciate with gratitude to life.

Thus the secret of being lucky is the positive energy field that you set in motion. Once set in motion it feeds back itself ever gaining more and more energy like a snow ball rolling down on a snowy mountain.